Our ongoing project is “Story Time at the Childrens House”

Now that we are back at nursery, we have decided to continue with this project for the rest of the Summer term. As we already have resources in place and it’s a very flexible project, our teachers can easily pick up where they left off and provide quality teaching around this theme. It allows for all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to be included.

Our project for the Spring Term is ‘Shapes, Space and Structures’

Last term the children took great delight in learning about colours in our ‘Colours and Shapes’ project. There are so many great activities that support this area of learning that we found time was running out, and before we knew it, Christmas was upon us! Although we started to touch on the ‘shapes’ element of the project with the children, there is really so much to explore.

So, for this term we will be really focussing on the shapes that make up our world, and how these shapes can be joined together to form spaces and structures.

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