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Childrens House Returns!

Nursery is open again – Welcome Back! 

If you have any questions about how we’re handling the return please do talk to anyone in the nursery.

We have a new “Coronavirus Response Policy” in place for all staff to follow – please use the following link of you want to read it…

Childrens House Coronavirus Response Policy

It is based on the risk assessment we produced which you can view using the following link…

Childrens House Coronavirus Risk Assessment

If you would like to see what we got up to last term, please do read the Summer Term Newsletter  which is still available using this link…

Download the Childrens House Summer Term Newsletter Here!

Our ongoing project is “Story Time at the Childrens House”

Now that we are back at nursery, we have decided to continue with this project for the rest of the Summer term. As we already have resources in place and it’s a very flexible project, our teachers can easily pick up where they left off and provide quality teaching around this theme. It allows for all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to be included.

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