Summer Term Project – Animals from around the World

Continuing with our animal theme, after last term’s highly popular project “Down on the Farm”, for the Summer Term we will be taking our children further away from home to discover the amazing diversity of creatures that live in other countries around our planet.


From the animals we find in the steamy wet rain forests to the arid deserts, high mountain peaks and the ice-cold poles. Children take great delight in discovering the types of animals that can be found, what they look like, what they eat and how they move about. This incorporates discussions about migration and the travels that some species make to find new feeding and breeding grounds.

This is also a great project for incorporating discussions about the things that make us different, and often the same, as animals. We encourage the children to observe the differences in animal’s skin, hair or fur, limbs, the sounds that they make, what they eat and how they look after their young. This leads to discussions about what makes us human and a greater self-awareness.


Children love to imitate the creatures they are learning about and this project provides great opportunities for role play, song and dance and a vast array of interactive stories. The nursery will be full of the sounds of trumpeting elephants, howling wolves and squawking parrots!!


The children always love making art displays complementing each term’s project, and we look forward to seeing some of the amazing arts and crafts creations that they will produce with our animal theme this term.

Face painting, mask making and small world play all lend themselves well to this project which is extremely popular with our young learners.


If any parents or relatives would like to get involved with our project this term we would love to learn about anything ‘Animals from around the World’ related that you’d like to share with us. The children love to welcome visitors into nursery – please talk to a member of staff if this something you’d like to do.


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