Summer Term Project – Around the World

There is so much for our children to explore in this project! It embraces language, costume, religions, travel, festivals, food, care for our world – the list is endless. This is a wonderful topic for celebrating the diversity of children but is also a theme for recognising the similarities we share with those who live around the world.

Covering all 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation stage is easily achieved in this project, with a broad range of activities that will ignite our children’s interest and imagination, whilst extending their opportunities for play and learning.

Some of the things we may look at as part of this project are:
• Sharing stories and songs from other countries
• Inviting visitors into nursery to talk about other cultures and religions
• Looking at different national or religious costumes/head coverings

• Talking about festivals and celebrations from other countries
• Learning to say ‘hello’ in different languages
• Collecting water in containers in the garden and talking about the importance of water in different countries and how we need to use water carefully
• Songs, dances and instruments from around the world

• Learning about (and tasting!) some of the foods that are eaten in other countries

• Making flags and looking at the patterns on different national flags

• Talking to our children in nursery about the great deserts, jungle rainforests, mountains and the poles helps our children to understand our world, the people who live there, their way of life and the animals that they share their lands with.

As usual our project will involve a whole range of great arts and crafts activities, and plenty of outdoor learning opportunities in the warmer months ahead.

If any of our families would like to get involved with our project this term, please speak to a member of staff. The children are always very excited to welcome visitors to the nursery, and we would be delighted to learn about anything ‘Around the World’ related that you might like to share with us.


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