Ofsted have rated Chrysalis as ‘Good’ in all areas!

In our last Ofsted inspection on Wednesday 10th May 2017 Chrysalis received a ‘Good’ in all areas, with the Inspector commenting in her feedback to us that she had also seen evidence of practice that was ‘better than good’, during her observations of interactions between our teachers and the children.

I am immensely proud of how much our staff team have achieved in their endeavours to improve practice within the nursery.  All of them have gone above and beyond what is expected to make the changes that have been so beneficial to our children and staff alike. They have often given up their free time to enable us to completely overhaul and improve upon all that we offer at Chrysalis.

None of this would have been possible without our Principal, Perdy’s fantastic leadership and support of her staff. Since her promotion to nursery Principal she has drawn together a happy and motivated team who feel valued in their roles and are all striving together to make the nursery the best it can possibly be. She has certainly made her own mark on Chrysalis, which is a far better place for her warmth and welcome to all. I see the benefits of her changes every time I visit, in the happy, engaged and busy children who attend with us. The Inspector’s observations of them and their interactions with their friends and their teachers showed her all that she needed to know to award us with an overall ‘Good’ grading.

The Ofsted report is available to view by following this link… Chrysalis Inspection Report May 2017
We also have paper copies available in the nursery on request.

We were particularly pleased with some of the comments made by the Inspector;

“Children are happy, settled and secure in a calm and friendly environment.”

“Children have extensive opportunities to explore and investigate, which contributes to them becoming independent learners.”

“Children learn useful skills that help to prepare them well for starting school. They are inquisitive, keen to learn and confident.”

These comments are a fantastic endorsement of the high quality care that each and every one of our team provide for your children.

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