Adverse weather

Adverse Weather

We have an adverse weather policy in place to ensure our nursery is prepared for all weather conditions that might affect the running of the nursery such as floods and snow.

In any of these circumstances the nursery will close when the Headteacher at Hayeswood School deems it necessary to close the school due to adverse weather.


In the case of a flood we will follow our critical incident procedure to enable all children and staff to be safe and continuity of care to be planned for.

Snow or other severe weather

In the morning before nursery opens if high snowfall has occurred or is expected, parents should check on the website using the Dorset Severe Weather centre ‘Closed Schools’ tab to see if Hayeswood School is closed. Hayeswood School will also inform of closures on their News & Events page.

The nursery will also be closed if Hayeswood School has been forced to close.

If adverse weather is threatened during a nursery day then the Principal will take the decision as to whether to close the nursery. This decision will take into account the safety of the children, their parents and the staff team. In the event of a planned closure during the nursery day, we will contact all parents to arrange for collection of their child.

In the event of staff shortages due to snow or other severe weather we will contact all available off duty staff and/or agency staff and group the children differently until they are able to arrive. If we are unable to maintain statutory ratio requirements after all avenues are explored we will contact Ofsted to inform them of this issue, recording all details in our incident file. If we feel the safety, health or welfare of the children is compromised then we will take the decision to close the nursery.

Heat wave

We are committed to ensuring that all children are fully protected from the dangers of too much sun/UV rays.

  • Children’s safety and welfare in hot weather is the nursery’s prime objective so staff will work closely with parents to ensure all appropriate cream and clothing is provided.
  • Staff will make day-to-day decisions about the length of time spent outside depending on the strength of the sun.
  • Children will always have sun cream applied before going outside in the hot weather and at frequent intervals during the day.
  • Children are made aware of the need for sun hats, sun cream and the need to drink more fluids during very hot weather.

We are not able to offer a refund of fees for closures due to adverse weather conditions.

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