Our Summer Term Project is ‘In the garden’!

The Summer term is the perfect time for a project based on gardens. We thought that it would be a brilliant way to share some of the things that our children like about their gardens at home, and the things that they see there. For those children who don’t have access to a garden, this project will be particularly beneficial, as we will be bringing a little bit of the joy of a garden into nursery for us all to share together.

Gardens can be magical places where children’s imaginations have no bounds…

They can be brilliant places to discover nature and wildlife…

And of course, to enjoy growing and planting activities…

Gardens are also great places to exercise…

And can inspire us to create arts and crafts…

And we particularly like that they can be places to get muddy and wet!!…

We are always led by the children’s ideas and input into their project each term.

Some things they might like to include are:

The garden at night – looking at the types of wildlife that might be found in our gardens when humans are asleep in their beds.

The garden pond – looking at the different types of plants and creatures that are found in and near garden ponds. This also gives us lots of opportunities to continue our discussions on minibeasts and their life cycles.


There are many children’s stories, songs and nursery rhymes that support our garden themed project this term. If your child has any particular favourites from home that are connected to our topic, please let us know so that we can include them in our nursery day.

We will be sending home some seeds for the children to grow. Please can you take some photos as they grow at home for your child to share with their friends at circle time?

This year we will be supporting “World Bee Day’ on Friday 20th May as part of our project.











Bee Day celebrations raise awareness about the threats to pollinators like bees by human activities. We will be teaching our children about the importance of bees with lots of fun rhymes, waggle dancing and honey tasting!










This summer term we will also be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with the children, and what better than a summer garden party?!

Bunting, Union Jack flags and an afternoon tea party in the garden, will be the perfect way for our children to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne!

‘In the Garden’ is always a popular project, as it helps to make connections between home and nursery life. We’re really looking forward to talking with the children about the different types of gardens they might have at home. This might range from a few pots on a balcony, growing things to eat in a vegetable patch, or even a whole woodland area! Sharing with friends helps children to express themselves and extends their vocabulary. The different experiences that they bring to nursery and share with their peers, promotes learning, builds confidence and broadens their understanding of the world.

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